Martin Muthenthaler started in 2006 with Weingut Martin Muthenthaler in Elsarn am Jauerling, a small town in Spritzer Graben, a valley in the far western part of the Wachau. The self-taught winegrower previously worked for 20 years as a truck driver at Domaine Wachau. Martin works his 6 hectares of step terraced vineyards mostly by hand, and switched to organic viticulture in 2010. His Grüner Veltliner and Riesling are sourced from the single vineyards Bruck, Schön, Brandstatt and Viessling, are spontaneously fermented and have a very long contact with lees. Martin’s wines also have significantly lower alcohol levels than those of his colleagues in the Wachau. For example, his Rieslings are around 12% abv and and the Grüner Veltliner around 12.5% abv. Muthenthaler’s wines are precise and fresh as well as intense, elegant and characterful ambassadors of their particular terroirs, without being too rich and powerful. Martin is Lacon Austria certified.